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A trendy new eatery with passion & soul
Kang's Story

Kang establish the all cusine restaurant since 1989. Kang have passion about the restaurant business and stay in the restaurant cusine business about 30 yrs now. He wanted to show all the customer can get fresh food with fresh materials.

Troy's Story

W N B Factory started up as a hole in the wall “Grab N’ Go” restaurant in East Atlanta, Georgia in 1997 by Troy. and met Mr. Kang We work hard to perfect each order, and to make sure your experience here is not just another typical fast food meal. We’re passionate about making sure each order is intensely flavorful and served quickly, with a side of southern charm.

Long story short, the two were inspired by the idea of solving a problem many faced – the hassle of finding quality hot food that can be prepared quickly in-between a busy schedule. WNB quickly gained popularity for our cook-to-order service in an open kitchen, flavor-bursting homemade sauces, and most importantly, our southern hospitality.

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Attica Restaurant Template


WNB Factory

WNB Factory works closely with you over the course or days and weeks, in order to provide you with knowedge that would take years to learn on your own. Our effective management and business development systems will place you on track as a superior WNB Factory provider in your market.

WNB Factory will guide you every step of the way in order to support you with the comprehensive knowledge, training and professional restaurant business management skills necessary to achieve your professional and personal goals. Our support services will provide you with accumulated knowledge and expertise through the following support elements:

Once a WNB Factory franchise is placed, our senior staff becomes 100% committed to that individual location and success of the store. By joining the WNB Factory family, you become a valuable asset; we consider our senior staff’s accessibility and directly accountability to be good business for us simply because it is the only way that we derive revenues, financial growth and overall success for the WNB brand.

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